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    Gun Addresses
    Gun Name Address

    FAMAS 00834C98
    M16A2 0082FC20

    M60 E-3 00840A80
    M16K 00836CC8
    USAS-12 00838B5C
    AR-15 0083B1FC
    TRIP-BAR 00840F54
    STAVA SG-76 0083AEC4
    CHINESE TYPE 56 00834154
    GALIL AR 0083516C
    RAMAT 00840DB8
    G-17 008354A4
    SP-57 0083F8CC
    RIPPER 00841428
    SPECTRE 00838824
    M67 00835E4C
    EMP 00843E00
    LASERMINE 008432B0
    CLAYMORE 00843458
    AK-47 008332D8
    M82-BFG 0083313C
    MGL 008322C0
    SMAW 0083FC04
    AP MINE 00843120
    EPDD 00839030
    UZI 008305C8
    RPK 0083AB64
    M60 0083EA34
    SPA-12 0083DD70
    DSC1-THERMAL 00837B44
    SMOKE GRENADE 00836658
    M79 0083DB40
    SWEEPER 12 GUAGE 0083E894
    MDS A3(not 100% sure) 0083E0A8

    Flamethrower & nades effects
    This guide is going to show you how to hack the flamethrower and explosives! I would consider it to be a little harder then gun modding, as to the FFFF's here dont do anything! lets being!:
    1. YOU MUST HAVE CUSTOM FIRMWARE!! if not click the back button and find a guide on gettin CFW i would recommend an M33 firmware as to, the whole psp hacking community has use and trusted the developer DAX......and dont leave comments on how to get CFW YOU WILL BE IGNORED!
    2. Ok boot up your psp, and get into SFDM story mode or online(online if your going to do the flamethrower!)Right now im going to be focusing on the m67's and the smaw, why you ask? well they are in story mode, and it would b the fastest and easiest to learn.
    3. get to the weapon select screen, and select these weapons: M67,SMAW, and then any thing else!(NOTE: you must have m67, and the SMAW....and at this point you cant figure out why look to the right of the screen, yep twords the top, click on that red X)
    4. now that you have your weapons selective work on clearing an area out to test with out dying, i always kill the guy on the ground, then fast scope the guy on the tower by the fire, then the other guys that happen to come. when they are gone we can begin searching.
    5. lets do the m67(NOTE: you cant just open up the nitePR menu and search "M67" there will b NO match)so your gunna search "timed_grenade" no quotes, you should get this address in the browser(if you read my other guide it says that all gun address's start with 0x0083, or 0x0084)0x00835E4C now just hit select and copy address then go into decoder and press select again then paste.
    6. now that your adress is in the decoder it will be easier to read, and release some new hacks! scroll down to near the FFF's (like in my last guide).
    7. now this the tricky part FFFFFF is for the bullets look around those FFFFFF's up and down a few address's you should find one that reads 00000005.
    8. your done you've found your address and value now just change 5 to get some new effects try 97 you'll get some cool blue rings! (I RECOMMEND YOU SAVE THE ADDRESS)
    SMAW modding!!:
    1. The SMAW is rather easy ill show you how to change the missle leaving the SMAW and when it hits the target!
    2. open your nitePR menu.
    3. This address is REALLY hard to find! so ill give you a free-bee
    0x0083FD84 0000001A is the SMAWS explosion
    0x0083FD88 00000004 is the SMAWS scope(change it youll see what i mean)
    0x0083FD8C 00000019 is the SMAWS bullet leaving the SMAW(the smoke)
    4. edit these to your likings and your done =]
    FLAMETHROWER modding!!:
    1. open up your nitePR menu, if you've been following the guide we just hacked the SMAW, well SFDM was nice enought to put the flamethrower right above the SMAW(haha)
    (ill still show how to search!!)
    2. search "FLAMETHROWER" no quotes you should get 0x0083FA68
    3. put that in the decoder and scroll down the decoder and find the FFFF's but this time is different, there aren't as much FFFF's (its going to be harder, there are two sections of FFFFF's so find the one with a 14 above the FFFFF's BINGO we have a winner....ill let you guess
    4. well your prob mad at me now lol so ill tell you the 14 is the fire so change 14 and your good to go! 34 try that you'll get some blue bullets!
    Damage Radius & Impact Effects
    damage radius
    1. find the gun you want to mod(explosives are the best)
    2. now go near the FFFF's and look up a few lines A041 you should see
    3. use the first one this is the damage radius(youl see the next on in the next paragraph), now on some weapons its diffrent C841, A241....etc just remove the front one C8, A2, A0...etc to 0044 and now its done
    4. enjoy...now wasnt that ez!
    black lvl/blue explosion on impact
    1. again, find the gun you want to mod(explosives are the best)
    2. again now go near the FFFF's then up a few lines until you see A041, C841, A241....etc
    3. this is the second one i was talking about on the same row!
    4. change it to 0044 for a black lvl on impact/ or change it to 0043 for a blue explosion
    5. enjoy...now wasnt that easy?
    Adding Scope's
    what im going to teach youNOTE:this will only work on a gun with NO scope!!!!!)
    how to add a scope to your gun(ill be using the sawed off pistols)
    how to make it thermal, night vision, or EDSU, then clear again
    make the shot range FULL map
    lets being:
    1. go find your sawed off pistols in the browser(0x00841A9
    2. now were going to go down some in the browser(i will be staying in the browse, THIS WHOLE TUT, no decoder it gets confusing for some ppl,ONLY 1 part will be in the decoder!) try and find 803F01-that is just some of the scope we need to add, if you cant find it here(0x00841BD
    3. change that 803F01 to 803F00(this doesnt matter too much but it makes for a cool effect when u get good at this =])
    4. now you should see a 0040 under it change it to 803F
    5. now you should see another 0040 to the LEFT again change it to 803F
    6. u have a scope now, but its not going to work to great so lets fine tune it, add a zoom level its the first 00 on the same line to the LEFT keep it set to 00 for a custom lvl(zooms like an AR-15) or put 02 so u can press up twice....etc
    7. you might have tested this out, and notice WTF it still doesnt work?!?! well there is 2 more thing u need to do go down to the FFFFFFFF copy and paste those FFFFFFFF's into the decoder u should see 3 rows of them now the middle row is the scope valid values are 0-6 i think
    8. now to enalbe all this work we need to change one more value, go back up in the browser and you should be lookin in the ASCII part youll see the guns name(sawed off pistol) the reload, and ahah "cope_standard" there is a space in front of cope standard "..cope_standard" go to the first . press X then up then X again, now circle (all we did was change it to say something else)
    9. equip your pistols, and scope you should have a nice brand new scope!!
    10. (OPTIONAL!) go to this address 0x00841B38 should start with a B2 now go to the RIGHT a few should be right under 0D and above 19 change the val to w/e u want the scope to be(00 normal, 02 thermal, 04 EDSU, 03 NV i think)
    11.(OPTIONAL AGAIN) go to 0x00841B58 the first value is 32 simpley change it to FF and u have full range =] now u can blast people from the other side of the map with your sawed offs!!!

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