Huge admin hack



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    Huge admin hack

    Post by Faggot. on Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:45 am

    I found this out while trying to find a syphon ID for a player that wanted his ID 4 sum reason
    You need nitepr(i use rev k)

    step 1.) Go online and type in username medius_admin
    step 2.) Open nitepr and go to find text and look for ADMIN
    step 3.) Go down till it says admin..%omedius_ the adress should be 0x00B24B77
    step 4.) Copy that and paste in browser
    step 5.) Scroll up till u see medius_admin in the ASCII
    step 6.) Exit nitepr and change the admin part of the name to something u want, like medius_sony
    step 7.) Now enter nitepr and go to browser and the medius name should be changed to medius_
    step 8.) Change the last letter of medius to something else like mediut then exit nitepr
    step 9.) Click login and it will say account not found would u like to register. Dont click yes yet
    step 10.) Go back to nitepr and change the last letter of medius back to s then exit and click yes register
    Now your done and enjoy your so called "admin" account. You will have to repeat the process when u want to log in with that acc tho since it will still say that the medius account is reserved. This is a process to bypass the reserved box and get on that account. Supposedly the medius account is a account that nobody but you can see in the lobby part that shows the player names that are online. Plz +rep since alot of ppl dont know about this =]

    I'm a faggot.


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    Re: Huge admin hack

    Post by KERWIN04 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:24 am

    not working too why plz help me

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