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    Web spammer

    Post by Faggot. on Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:41 am


    The program is being updated and will becoming out of beta stages SOON. This was just a beta version of the program, and while fully functional, had some tweaks we wanted to add to it. When the full version is released, the required donation amount WILL be higher, so get this app while you can, and remember, GETTING ACCESS TO THIS BETA THAT IS STILL AVAILABLE GIVES YOU FREE UPDATES FOR THE PROGRAM, IF YOU GET THE BETA THATS RIGHT HERE, YOULL GET FULL VERSION FOR FREE, AND ANY UPDATES WE MAKE AFTER THAT.


    >>**SFDM PC Online**<<

    Ever wanted to spam the message boards or wonder how people get tons of posts without becoming limited? Heres the app that will get the job done. With SFDM PC Online, you can log in as yourself or another user (if you know their pw), and spam the message boards, telling how 1337 you really are. Read below for more info and contact information.

    Below are some screenshots of the application. This item and more are available, and also extra private beta applications will be released for Reistance Retribution. SFDM PC Online is but ONE of many apps that are readily available / in the process of being worked on.

    Please contact one of the below for more details. Also note that xXxTWiST3DxXx asked for this to go up to help for donations to keep the site up, atleast this way you guys are getting a little something back when you donate. Notice that your messaging ME, not xXxTWiST3DxXx for these files. He has agreed to allow them to be given on site to donation givers.

    Access into beta with unlimited updates for SFDM PC Online: $10 donation (goes towards helping http://www.psp-central.com stay alive, as the servers cost money). The site WILL go down, and will be no more unless donations are present. This donation is VERY worth it, as the updates to come are very plentiful. Please note that version 2.0 is around the corner with ALOT more features, but the donation limit to get into the program (non beta) will be higher. If you buy into the beta program ($10), you get free updates (including 2.0) at no extra fee. Buy now before the price goes up any higher! Dont forget that this app is coming to Resistance, other Syphon Filters, and even Socom!

    **Features** of v1.0

    -Spam Message Boards (General Discussion)
    -Spam Mail to any user
    Email: Gamerremag10@aol.com

    AiM: GaMeRrEmAg10

    Private Message: UnL1M1T3d

    People who wish to partake in the exclusiveness of this app (and more to come) will be put on an order list, in which they will receive new apps when they are made. Again, contact the above for more details.

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    Re: Web spammer

    Post by KERWIN04 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:24 am

    its not working why plz help

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